Company Milestone

Winnergy Company Ltd.


In a joint venture with longtime logistics partner Veeraya Oil Group, Winnergy establishes a petroleum tank farm in Nam Pong, Khon Kaen province. Winnergy now offers services in natural gas, petroleum and solar energy and stands as one of the country’s leading providers of diverse energy related services.


Winnergy’s investments in solar energy come to fruition and we begin supplying electricity to the Electric Generating Authority of Thailand. Rooftop solar panels on our PTT brand stations and mother station integrate our first major enterprise in renewable energy with established Winnergy operations.


Winnergy opens our second large-scale service station (32,000 m2) in Laem Chabang operating under license from Bangchak Petroleum. Bangchak’s first truck station in Thailand, it quickly becomes their top performer by sales volume.


Winnergy further develops our off-pipeline CNG logistics capabilities with our own fleet of trailers under long-term contract with PTT. This fleet soon becomes the largest CNG land logistics provider in Southeast Asia, providing flexible and affordable CNG logistics coverage to every corner of Thailand.

In the same year, Winnergy makes the first major step towards diversifying beyond natural gas, opening our first large-scale service station (21,000 m2) adjacent to our mother station site. Catering to consumer and trade needs, the station provides petroleum, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and CNG services under license from PTT.


Winnergy expands our natural gas business by setting up and managing our own gas mother station. Winnergy begins regulating, compressing, and distributing natural gas from PTT’s pipeline.


Winnergy is established and begins supplying CNG equipment to PTT Public Co., Ltd., with the goal of being the premier provider of natural gas products, equipment and EPC services in Thailand.