General Info

In 2009 Winnergy introduced our own fleet of compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) trailers, providing off-pipeline logistical support to PTT Public Co., Ltd. throughout Thailand. With 15 fleets numbering over 600 trailers and a daily logistics volume of over 2,250 metric tons of natural gas per day, Winnergy is the largest single private off-pipeline CNG and LNG land logistics provider in Southeast Asia.

Winnergy fleet provides an extremely flexible service. Winnergy was the first company to introduce CNG jumbo cylinder trailers to Thailand, passing on to PTT customers the benefits of carrying more gas without the disadvantages of unnecessary weight. Our range of trailer materials offers customers similar advantages that can be adjusted to their budget, while compact 20 ft trailers are available for effective coverage in metropolitan areas.

Designed by Winnergy engineers in adherence to PTT requirements, our advanced tracking system provides real time position and speed data on every trailer in every fleet. From our logistics control room at the Winnergy mother station technicians can monitor deliveries in even the furthest reaches of the country. Video systems in every vehicle ensure that the highest standard of safe and professional conduct is maintained at all times.

Winnergy Fleet and Coverage

  • Kingkaew Fleet : Bangkok Metropolitan Region
  • Theparak Fleet : Bangkok Metropolitan Region
  • Lam Luk Ka Fleet : Bangkok Metropolitan Region
  • Nimit Mai 1 Fleet : Bangkok Metropolitan Region
  • Nimit Mai 2 Fleet : Bangkok Metropolitan Region
  • Tung Kru Fleet : Bangkok Metropolitan Region
  • Kanlapapruek Fleet : Bangkok Metropolitan Region
  • Khon Kaen Fleet : Central & lower part of Northeast of Thailand (E-sarn)
  • Ban Bueng Fleet : Eastern Region
  • Lan Krabue Fleet : Upper Northern Region
  • Ratchaburi Fleet : Western and upper Southern Region

In addition to natural gas logistics, in 2012 Winnergy established a joint venture with Veeraya Oil Co., Ltd. to provide logistical services for HAZMAT products. One of the top logistics providers of refined petroleum products, Veeraya Oil has received numerous award from the Oil Industry Environmental Safety Group Association including: