The Company adheres to the Code of Best Practices. This code is a guideline for operating the business, enhancing transparency in the Company’s operations, and increasing management efficiency – leading to increased confidence among shareholders, stakeholders, and investors. The five aspects of the principles of good corporate governance are detailed as follow:

  1. The rights of shareholders and role of stakeholders.
  2. Disclosure and transparency.
  3. The responsibilities of the Board of Directors.
  4. Risk control and management.
  5. Business Ethics.

The Company believes in adhering to ethics, integrity, and honesty coupled with management and good governance as key factors that promote sustainable business success and the ability to maintain leadership in the industry.

This ethic article is a compilation of ethical conduct best practices. It has been classified as modern, universal, easily understood, conveniently used, and in accordance with the rules of the company. The executives and all employees must study, understand, and comply with this article.

The Company truly hopes that the executives and all employees will cooperate and commit to studying and complying with this ethic article with the intention of helping the company achieve its mission, stability, and sustainable growth.